Home News One For Your Nerdy Heart: An All-Girl Road Trip To Denver, Colorado

One For Your Nerdy Heart: An All-Girl Road Trip To Denver, Colorado

Girl Road Trip To Denver
Girl Road Trip To Denver

The concept of an American road trip is still alive and well today. In fact, a recent report about travelers found that travel via cars and buses across the US has jumped up to 39%. For people, and ladies in particular, who enjoy nerdy things, a road trip can be one of the best sorts of trips you’ll ever take. And believe it or not, Colorado is one of the best places where you can enjoy all-things-nerdy.

1UP Arcade

A good road trip is a combination of the drive to get there and the initial destination. What better place to start off in Denver than one that has all sorts of offerings for video game nerds? One of the hallmarks of a nerd or a geek’s childhood is the presence of games – whether in an arcade or in their home. One of the best things about 1UP is the fact that they offer drinks and even music as you enjoy game options from the ‘50s and other eras. It’s a relative menagerie of the progress of video games in prime working condition. It’s also a solid location for news regarding bigger geek events around Colorado, so it’s a good stop to make when you’re looking for more locations to visit.

Fifty-Two 80’s

If you’re hankering to grab some memorabilia from your childhood or specifically merch from your favorite Saturday morning cartoons, Fifty-Two 80’s is a place you will want to visit. This place is a supposed modern antique shop but without the crazy prices, and it’s not full of furniture. You can take a gander at this place and locate lost or hard-to-find popular culture pieces to add to your growing collection.

Get a makeover At Cherry Creek

If you’re one of the girls who’s been thinking about getting a makeover, or even a tattoo, this might be the perfect time to finally brave it. With the support of your best friends, there’s no limit to what you can try. Plus, it’ll serve as a great reminder of the adventure in the months and years to come. One of the best places to get this done is Cherry Creek. However, if you absolutely feel uncomfortable undergoing any changes, you can give your car a makeover, and still have a cool reminder of your trip. Instead of a paint job, a more affordable option would be a car wrap which lasts just as long ( if not longer in some cases) as a paint job.

Forney Transportation Museum

This location is for the girl geeks that have a vast appreciation for mechanical and machine marvels. This museum holds the personal collection of J.D. Forney. He did not just collect classic cars, but went above and beyond to collect “anything on wheels” as he termed it. You can find Herbie, Amelia Earhart’s old car, and even old locomotives. They keep an expansive file of the piece’s acquisition so you not only get to see the thing for yourself, but you get to pack in the knowledge of what it was for, who owned it, and how it came into the possession of the museum. Not a bad thing to do when you’re always looking for your next piece of nerdy trivia.

A road trip to Denver, Colorado has a lot of different offerings for all sorts of nerds and nerds-at-heart. All you need is a good map, a trusty vehicle, and your eager self to enjoy what this place has to offer.

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