Oprah Winfrey issues warning to Prince Harry – 'Don't know if that helped!'


    Oprah, who co-created and co-produced the series with Harry, was asked by US broadcaster and her friend Gayle King whether she thinks the Duke’s candid approach to his issues will “help him with the Royal Family”.

    Appearing on CBS This Morning, Oprah replied: “I don’t know if it helps with the Royal Family.

    “But this is what I do know, is that being able to express your own personal truth in a way that benefits you and also helps other people to see the truth in themselves, which is the reason why Harry agreed to have the sit-down and have the conversation – the first interview that went around the world.

    “And in this series, you will see that we are in conversation.”

    Prince Harry, Oprah added, “knows the power of story” and the impact he can have reaching millions of people.


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