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Putin warns of ‘terror’ risk to global infrastructure after ‘dangerous precedent’ was set


According to the Russian leader, the leaking gas from the pipeline caused by explosions set “the most dangerous precedent” and constituted an act of terror. As a result, Putin warned that the world should prepare for its infrastructure to be attacked.

The explosions on the Nord Stream pipeline were broadly blamed on Russia as self-sabotage in order to make such threats.

The President told an energy forum that the pipeline incident “shows that any critically important object of transport, energy or utilities infrastructure is under threat”.

During the discussion in Moscow, he noted that this risk did not vary depending on ownership and management or location.

The Russian President has also made an offer to the European Union that gas can still be sent to the Continent via Nord Stream 2 which was suspended by Germany due to the conflict.

On Wednesday, Putin said: “The ball, as they say, is now in the European Union’s court – let them just open the tap. We do not limit anyone in anything.”

Germany rejected the offer of using the second pipeline but a spokesman noted that there are no sanctions on Nord Stream 1 but that gas is not flowing “because Russia did not deliver”.

The Kremlin have stated that Europe’s energy crisis is not the fault of Russia but of Europe.

The warnings of terrorism come after Russia suffered yet further setbacks in the conflict on Wednesday.

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However, Russia is continuing to barrage southern and eastern regions of Ukraine with Nikopol, a village over the Dnipro river from occupied territory severely injured three people, one of which is a six-year-old girl.

Authorities noted that the explosions caused by missiles and drones damaged a large number of residential buildings, factories, and a school.

However, the United States have just bolstered Ukraine’s counteroffensive with another delivery of deadly HIMARS, able to be programmed to hit long-range soft targets which have already benefitted Ukraine greatly.


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