Triumph for Zelensky's forces as four Russian helicopters shot down in just '18 minutes'


    President Zelensky’s Air Force successfully brought down four Russian military helicopters in 18 minutes in the south of Ukraine using anti-aircraft missile units. The strikes happened between 8:40am and 8:58am local time on Wednesday morning, with the attacks partially confirmed by pro-Russian sources on Telegram.

    It was claimed that one of the helicopters, supposedly a Ka-52, was downed on territory recently liberated from Putin’s military.

    The other three crashed behind enemy lines.

    The Ukrainian Air Force said in a press release: “Combat work was carried out on two more helicopters, so there is a high probability that the number of confirmed down helicopters will increase.”

    It was said the helicopters were “providing fire support to ground occupation troops in the southern direction” when they were taken out.

    This comes as Russia’s intelligence agency the FSB reports it has “cracked down” on Ukrainian “terrorist” cells following the explosion on the Kerch Strait Bridge.

    The FSB have accused Ukrainian military intelligence forces of planning the attack on the bridge last weekend.

    The Kerch Strait Bridge is strategically significant as it connects the Crimean peninsula with mainland Russia.

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    Andriy Yusov, from the Ukrainian defence ministry’s intelligence department, dismissed the FSB’s claims as “nonsense”.

    He told the Suspilne television channel: “These are bogus agencies that serve the Putin regime so it makes no sense to comment on their statements.”

    The FSB also reported a series of arrests outside Moscow and near the Ukrainian border, reported The Telegraph.


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