Queen set to present medals to ‘heroes’ who helped evacuations from Afghanistan


    The honour is set to be bestowed by Her Majesty on everyone who took part in the airlift in her New Year’s Honours list. The plans have reportedly been approved by No 10 for the brave heroes who helped carry out one of the largest air evacuations in history.

    One source told the Mirror: “The PM is fully behind the idea.

    “It will finally put a bit of honour in what’s been a pretty dishonourable system lately.”

    Defence Secretary Ben Wallace and Tory MP and Afghanistan veteran Johnny Mercer are also said to be behind the move.

    The highest awards are expected to be given to operation commanders and troops who demonstrated acts of significant bravery.


    The last soliders left Afghanistan back in August, marking the end of 20 years of military intervention in the war-torn country.

    The airlift, dubbed Operation Pitting, involved more than 1,000 personnel and included 165 flights transporting 15,000 people from the country in just a few weeks.

    During the evacuation, 13 US service members and over 170 civilians sadly lost their lives near Kabul airport after a terror attack by ISIS-K.

    The Honours list is announced twice a year, at New Year and in the middle of June for the Queen’s official birthday.

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    Prince Charles’ son Prince Harry served two tours in Afghanistan, one in 2008 and another in 2012.

    The Duke of Sussex served in the British Army for 10 years in total.

    Speaking about his time there, Prince Harry said: “One minute you’re in bed asleep, six and a half minutes later you’re speaking to someone on the ground being shot at.”


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