'Robbed of her life' Parents warned landlord about fireplace that crushed their daughter



    Six-year-old Alexa-Leigh Blakemore, who remains in intensive care, has been left unable to walk from the accident. Keiran Blakemore and Elle Williams, her parents, said that they had previously complained to their landlord about the loose fireplace in their living room, but nothing was done to fix it. Mr Blakemore told ITV news: “I’m annoyed that I reported it in April.

    “The landlord just didn’t do the job and now, eight months later, my daughter’s pulled it on herself and injured herself to the point where she’s got brain damage and will never be the same again.”

    “She was a happy, normal little girl, who had a following on social media, and now I’ll never see her dance again.”

    “I’m angry with the landlord because she knew it wasn’t safe, and I sent her the quote to get it done and it hasn’t been done.

    “My daughter’s still in critical condition.”

    According to Mr Blakemore, the six-year-old tripped and grabbed the fireplace to regain her balance, but pulled it off the wall in the process.

    Lexi was then rushed to a nearby hospital in Liverpool, where she was placed in an induced coma.

    She has now awoken, but she has been in intensive care ever since.

    She suffered severe head injuries from the accident, which occurred on September 10.

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    “She had a completely normal life and she’ll never be normal again.”

    “It was a freak accident but at the same time it could have been prevented.”

    “We think she was dancing around and fell and grabbed onto the fireplace. We never ever thought that would happen.”

    This comes as a report by the Building Research Establishment (BRE) revealed that poor housing costs the NHS £1.4bn per year.

    The BRE report states that many household hazards are “generally, not expensive to rectify compared with the long-term cost to the health services and society if they are ignored”.

    Longer-term impacts of low-quality housing, such as people who are left unable to work or needing care, costs society £18.5 billion pounds every year, according to the BRE report.

    Speaking about the report’s findings, Health Secretary Sajid Javid said: “We have a housing challenge in this country – it’s been longstanding over many years – I was previously the Housing Secretary.

    “We’ve put in place many ways to try and help with that housing challenge. In some parts of the country it’s particularly acute, in London and Cornwall for example.

    “And I think the fact that we’re investing a record amount in affordable homes, the changes to the planning system that have been made, the Help to Buy scheme – this is all part of doing what can be done to help people to have a home, whether they’re renting it or buying it.”

    Merseysede Police said the accident is being investigated and no criminal charges have been made.


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