Scientists 'astonishing' human DNA breakthrough after 'mystery species' find


    Scientists have long studied the historical anthropology of human beings. Through bones, we can determine what early humans looked like. In scrutinising teeth, researchers can tell us what our ancestors dined on.

    Items like tools and pots and weapons reveal ancient cultures and how they may have gone about their day-to-day business.

    A decade ago, a breakthrough in evolutionary biology came in the form of genetic sequencing.

    It opened a Pandora’s box of possibilities, offering unprecedented ways to understand our species.

    In 2010 at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology in Leipzig, Germany, biologists led by Svante Pääbo determined that early humans not only coexisted on Earth with other more primitive hominids but also mated with them.

    Even more “astonishing” was the finding that another, as yet unidentified species, may also be represented in human DNA.

    The discovery and subsequent claims of a “mystery species” were explored in the History channel’s documentary, ‘Ancient Aliens: ‘DNA reveals human/alien hybrids’.

    Speaking during the programme, David Wilcock, author of, ‘The Synchronicity Key’, noted how most people had been familiar with the typical DNA model that showed a slow but clear progression from previous types of hominid life up to anatomically modern humans.

    However, he said: “But that’s not true anymore.

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    He continued: “If you look at the DNA in someone from 3,000 BC and you compare that to the DNA of someone alive today, it has changed by seven percent.”

    Mapping the human genome, Dr Hawks found that in the past 5,000 years, our DNA has evolved at a rate of 100 times greater than any previous 5,000 year period in our history.

    Like many, Mr Wilcock is of the opinion that it is possible that aliens interbred with humans at some point in the last 5,000 years, accounting for the “monumental” changes in the structure of human DNA.

    Ancient theorists claim that evidence of this can be found in stories throughout history that depict humans mating with gods.

    Sabina Magliocco, an anthropologist from California State University, said: “Throughout world cultures and mythologies, this idea of otherworldly beings, gods, supernatural beings, demons having sex with humans is very common.

    “The way we interpret the experience depends on the cultural and religious factors around us.”

    Yet, there remain many unanswered questions likely never to be solved surrounding archaic humans who are hidden within our DNA.

    These “ghosts” largely remain untraceable via material things like bones and teeth which have become lost to time.

    But their genetics live on, with more discoveries of distant and lost humans through genetic sequencing and advanced processes likely to surface in the future.


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