'Seditious turncoat!' Dominic Cummings torn apart after extraordinary attack

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After accusing the Prime Minister of not taking the virus seriously, Britons have turned on the former Government adviser. In the wake of his incredible appearance at the joining select committee, Express.co.uk readers accused the adviser of being a “turncoat”. Commenting on Mr Cummings, one person said: “This guy is a vindictive nasty self-absorbed seditious turncoat.

“People wondered why so many warned Boris about him. Now we know.”

Another said: “So far Dom has only said one right thing, he should not have been in the position he was, he was not good enough.

“He moaned about leaks and then froze when they asked him to publish his leaking to Laura Dooomsburgh.

“He is obviously not good friends with Matt Hancock.

“A bit like a Woman Scorned. No doubt both sides will find things to publish in the papers tomorrow.”

During his committee session, Mr Cummings concluded the Government was not prepared for the virus last March.

Indeed, the former adviser, who left at the end of last year, also claimed the Prime Minister was unfit for the job.

Mr Cummings also alleged the Prime Minister ignored scientific advice, delayed enforcing lockdowns and even wanted to be infected with the virus on live TV.

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In a wider point on Government structure, Mr Cummings insisted bureaucracy within Whitehall hindered decision-making over the pandemic.

He added some Cobra meetings were ineffective due to leaks with the high-level meeting.

In support of Mr Cummings, one person said: “Say what you like about Cummings but he’s probably right about cobra meetings.

“All too often some incident occurs and the gov says ‘Let’s have a cobra meeting’ but nothing useful emerges from it, as observed by the public who can see the incident and the outcome.

“Cobra is about being seen to be doing something rather than doing something.”

Mr Cummings also claimed he had advised the Prime Minister to sack Matt Hancock, while Cabinet Secretary Sir Mark Sedwill also concluded he had lost confidence in the Secretary of State.

Mr Johnson insisted he did not recognise this statement and has full confidence in Mr Hancock.

During Prime Minister’s Questions, Mr Johnson denied these claims and insisted the Government was doing all it could to battle the biggest crisis in the country since the Second World War.

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