US to hit Russia with additional actions to control despot Putin amid fears of nuclear war


    The United States has imposed further sanctions against Russia, designating one individual and two entities, according to the Treasury Department’s website. This comes as a Cabinet minister has urged the American and British Governments to respond at “pace” as Putin continues to target Ukrainian infrastructure with missile strikes.

    Ben Wallace pulled out of an appearance before the Commons defence committee on Tuesday to fly to the Pentagon for talks.

    Foreign Secretary James Cleverly emphasised the “urgency” of the situation and the necessity of the talks taking place in-person.

    It is believed that US and UK defence forces will discuss Putin’s ongoing threats of a nuclear attack as Moscow continues to hit key targets in Ukraine, such as electricity plants.

    The Kremlin’s forces have struggled to make progress in their eight-month-long invasion and have been pushed back significantly in the Kherson region.

    Mr Cleverly insisted the allied talks in Washington were a “normal and regular part of what is a very abnormal and perverse situation”.

    However he added: “There’s urgency, of course there’s urgency, because civilians are being targeted in a new way and we have to respond to that and our response has got to be done at pace and there are conversations, frankly, you don’t want to have over the telephone.

    “What we do is discuss a full range of how we help the Ukrainians to defend themselves.

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    “As we approach winter in Ukraine with their successes on the battleground against Russian forces and in light of Putin’s recent actions, it was important to meet face to face with US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and others from the US Administration to discuss our shared security concerns.”

    Russian air strikes have led to blackouts across the country as President Zelensky revealed 30 percent of his country’s power stations have been destroyed.

    Strikes in civilian areas have led to condemnations from the international community as evidence of a “war crime”.


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