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What are the different types of badge holders?

badge holders
badge holders

One accessory required for an identification card is a casing. The appropriate ones provide a secure hold to prevent the ID cards from getting lost. And, different colors used for manufacturing a badge holder allow people to spot IDs easily.

There are different types of holders available in the market nowadays, such as armbands, colored, vinyl, silicone, and many more. Each is designed to suit the wearer’s needs and protect the IDs.

Here is the information on varied types of holders in detail.

  • Vertical Armband

The vertical armband or hands-free casing has a strap to secure the badge around the arm of the person wearing it. The case is placed in such a way that the badge is visible, which facilitates at-a-glance identification. Such vertical armband cardholders are used when the workload is more or when constant wearing it around one’s neck is not feasible. For instance, vertical armbands are suitable for military or law enforcement personnel. Such holders eliminate the risk of snagging because they do not dangerously dangle when performing tasks in the workplace.

  • Vinyl

Similar to plastic casings, vinyl card cases can be found in various styles. These simple straps with a two-hole provision are best suited for clothing items and accessories, no matter the card’s design. Some of these casings feature clips on the back, allowing you to attach them to your collar, belt, pocket, or any other clothing item, while others can be used with chains or lanyards.

You can get re-sealable holders that help keep your card clean. And colored ones are also available when striving to make a statement.

  • Silicone Mobile Wallet

Since everyone owns a mobile phone in this digital age, it makes sense to integrate a stylish, lightweight, and flexible accessory with the employee’s devices. The silicone mobile wallet can be matched with your brand’s logo and overall image. The wallet will securely hold your identity card and facilitate easy access to it from the top. By attaching this sleek case, the wearer can easily carry their mobile phones in the pocket or purse compartment while working. In addition, when employees’ official identification integrates seamlessly with their device, the chances of forgetting to carry their ID card are also reduced.

  • Waterproof Options

Employees who work in humid conditions, such as steamy production plants or nearby poolsides, will need a water-resistant badge holder. These see-through casings feature a strap attached to the neck so the staff can wear their ID cards. If water spills accidentally on the holder, it will successfully repel moisture protecting the card from any possible water damage. Also, these spacious holders allow the wearer to accommodate other valuable identity proofs, such as a driver’s license.

  • Neck Wallet

Featured with a plastic display for the card, the neck wallet has a concealed storage pocket on the rear allowing the person to accommodate other essentials. Also, the wallet is equipped with a pen loop and adjustable cord ideal for keeping a writing tool that can be used during working hours.

It is the material used to make a neck wallet on which the durability of the case depends. Neck wallets made from vinyl and metal are more durable and also expensive. On the other hand, plastic ones are prone to damage. However, they are comparatively less costly. A case made of rigid material rules out the possibility of scrapes and cuts attributed to sharp edges.


When getting casings for the ID cards, consider the above-listed types meeting your organization’s security requirements. The correct cases are required to safeguard the integrity of fragile badges, which increases their longevity. Furthermore, since important information is displayed on a badge and your staff is required to wear it while working, it is a suitable holder that secures cards even in extreme environments.

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