'Why is that important' Holly Willoughby probes doctor on getting second Covid jabs


    For the two-dose vaccines, receiving one dose does provide a person with some protection, though the full extent of the protection or how long it might last is still unknown. Receiving only one dose is not as useful as receiving the full second dose. Given the spread of the virus and the serious health risk it poses, the second dose is strongly recommended said experts.

    “We might have to have a booster for elderly and at risk in autumn. If we get that right that will be an imprint step forward.”

    “We need to help our friends around the world where it’s hard to get these vaccines out there.

    “Facilitating the global vaccination programme to get on top of this disease.”


    When Holly asked why it is important that the evidence is based on symptomatic disease and asked what exactly that means.

    Professor Heneghan answered: “It means that in the community what its actually done lowered the people who have actually have symptoms, the cough and the fever, it will actually reduce this so that is really good news.

    “The most important aspect of what you want to do is to really reduce the severe disease, the hospitalisations and the deaths.

    The three vaccines currently available in the UK are all designed to work across two doses, said the British Heart Foundation.

    The site added: “Having two doses leads to a stronger, better immune response from your body and a longer-lasting protection. It is important that everyone gets two doses.

    “For those who are over 50 or clinically vulnerable, the recommendation in the UK is now that you have your vaccine 8 weeks after your first dose. This is due to the rise of the Indian variant of Covid-19 in the UK.

    “For those who are under 50, your second dose of the coronavirus vaccine will be offered to you within 12 weeks of your first.

    “If you had the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine, your second dose will be three to 12 weeks after the first. For the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine, your second dose will be four to 12 weeks after your first.”


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