Best ways to cure a hangover – 4 things to do before bed and in the morning




    After you drink alcohol your body is dehydrated so it produces hormones that make your kidney hold on to water.

    This increases your blood pressure and can give you a headache, one of the worst symptoms of a hangover.

    The TikToker explained: “Your liver is also actively trying to break down the alcohol from last night, creating chemicals called thromboxanes in the process.

    “It’s this increase in thromboxanes that leads to flu-like symptoms like nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea.

    “When you drink alcohol you also get dehydrated and lose electrolytes which can lead to a headache in the morning.”

    To solve this problem, Octavian recommends drinking plenty of water with salt or electrolytes before, during and after the party to rehydrate and prevent or stop a headache.


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